Silat vs. MMA

Silat developed in the jungles of Indonesia (and surrounding countries) with different terrains for the sole purpose of self-defense/combat – so your moves h…


Silat vs. MMA — 20 Comments

  1. do you even know what MMA is?…… it’s Mixed Martial Arts….. so, MMA doesn’t have ANY original moves…… it comes from various martial arts……. einstein

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  3. Abdul malik, you should mix your Silat with a ground fighting sport like judo or jijutsu

  4. this is not martial arts (pencak silat) but a free fight
    if it must exist martial arts (pencak silat) there must outwit a dance called BUNGA dance martial arts (pencak silat) in Indonesia. and an art

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  6. Well known fact: MMA touts itself as “No holds barred” Yet restricts real martial art styles,and moves,so that they can dry hump men on the floor,and then call most martial art styles “Inefficient” . Yet if you stick your finger in an mma mans eye,they complain saying that its “Not fair”. Yes…of course,the last thing an armed agressor is going to worry about is “The rules” even though mma apparently has “none”

  7. Silat turns to normal boxing and wrestling..just like any other style…its all dynamic reactions..nothing more.

  8. ini bukan martial art… this is just common fight.. lol.. i dont see any silat tehnique in this.. this “silat” fighter just newbie or not mastered his tehnique… 🙂

  9. silat mempunyai jurus berangkai, tidak semestinya ‘bunga’ atau tarian mesti ada masa berlawan. Semua Martial art bagus.

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