1st Jiu-Jitsu Tournament White Belt Part2 — 7 Comments

  1. Why is everyone saying the guy is a 4 stripe purple belt? He looks to me to be a 4 stripe white belt.

  2. Lol..”on a tournament” you mean IN a tournament and “Thant this guy” think you meant THAN. I’m glad your a dimwit…congrats for taking the time to squeeze that comment out and not pop a vein in your head. Lol.

  3. i can’t understand how the guy wearing the white gi is on a tournament.. where did he learn that grips? Beginners in my gym are much much better thant this guy after just 1 month training

  4. 4 dregree purple belt and you a crispy white belt, that was awesome! You gave him a hard time for the take down. I just got my first promotion last week, I was jumped to 3 stripes on white belt. I really don’t care about tournaments, But I know there will be a time where I need to show my skills under the pressure. keep it up brother! Oss

  5. good job man….considering you was up against a purple belt you held your own for a while. good luck for your next tourny

  6. That sucks dude lol but good job in your other match. ( the choke from guard finish)

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