Martin Wheeler – Kenpo, Judo, Mixed martial arts training… then Systema. — 19 Comments

  1. Yes the true master technique of an expert martial artist is the ability to adapt

  2. ive never seen any martial arts do that. and thats the real issue. the human being not the art. then when u need to your body can do whatever you need it to. without thought. I dont think any traditional martial arts uses this kind of teaching methodology. There are only a few martial artist that see the big picture do this.

  3. ya true. but its like this. martial arts is just a preference. one martial arts does this. another does that. which is y u have to study many different martial arts to jus get a few good skill sets which you would take a lifetime to do. the Russians did it right. instead trying to combine martial want not teach principals human beings. Which is y Systema means The System. its not a martial art. but principals that apply to all areas.

  4. WHoa! You guys have Kajukenbo though, and Hawaiian Kenpo and Lua! I would love to study those on a regular!

  5. damn son. ya i would like to go to one. see firsthand how they really do what they do. but i live in hawaii. No russians here.

  6. Exactly, I would have to look into the prices though cause I’ve seen some of Vasiliev’s courses go for a grand easy when I was out on the west coast

  7. if you win share how you did it. but if you loose…i jus hope you dont become bitter and instead learn from it

  8. that would be cool. i would like to see that. then post that up for us. there are always seminars where u can go. and i know instructors are always open to sparring. i hope you spar Vladimir Vasiliev or Mikhail Ryabko. Or you can spar Martin here in the vid or any of the other senior instructors. People say its bullshit but i’ve never seen anyone try to prove them wrong and show it to the rest of the world. if you do this challenge match i would love to see it.

  9. I don’t really like the idea of demonstrating with my own assistants. I would love to make a collaborative video where I could have a “match” against a systema practitioner much like the Gracie family did when they were up-and-coming. Something a little more realistic outside of the class enviroment.

  10. ive seen Lukes Holloways stuff. And i like how he teaches. If you had a more fuller understanding of The System(Systema) you would understand what the application is in real life. What u see is only a small aspect of training and is purely for the physical. But they do teach psychological and tactical aspects of combat as well. Dont dismiss something without first knowing more. And please if you do have insights into combat that are benificial share that with us. post a vid.

  11. Because it’s like kenpo, judo and boxing mixed, just slower and less reality based. Watch RAW COMBAT with Luke Holloway. He mixes various styles with silat as a base but with more intense attacker/opponent responses, they don’t just walk toward you, they attack you!

  12. its funny how people think Martin’s earlier martial arts backgrounds account for what he does now. Obviously he’s not using anything from those martial arts. so how can u say that its has previous martial arts that count and not systema? y not ask him yourself?

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