Karate Kumite Finale -75kg Baku Open R. Aghayev vs. A. Beck

Kumite Herren Finale -75kg von Baku Open Rafael Aghayev (Aka) vs. Andre Beck (Ao) 12. September 2010 von “Boets.ru” Телеканал “Боец” Первый Российский Телека…


Karate Kumite Finale -75kg Baku Open R. Aghayev vs. A. Beck — 25 Comments

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  2. All opinions will always be debatable, but at the end of the day, if you don’t play according to the 5 judges/ref’s interpretation of the rules on the day, you won’t score / win. Case in point, last year’s finals between Agheyev and Busa. Clearly Busa was not the better fighter (not Agheyev for that matter) however, 3 of the 5 judges saw in Busa’s favour. Unlike WUKO karate (the precursor) WKF is not about the Ippon attitude, which is why there are many breakaway organisations and no Olympics.

  3. because there are a lot of types of karate, which are different and can not be judged the same in the competition. You have 1 football, 1 basketball etc.. just to avoid disagreement

  4. naw its a olimpic sport they started in 2016!in brazilia!i hope i will win!

  5. I do totally accept your point that the fighters must abide by the rule set of the SPORT. Which was why I said that if this is world class refereeing I want nothing of it. I suppose I was including that to include the rules under which the fighters compete, but I was not clear in stating that. Sport kumite has its place, but I feel very ambivalent when I see a great karateka jumping through hoops to score when he is clearly slaughtering the opponent.

  6. .. contd. … on what we can see over and over again. Sometimes a technique is not clean, as in the sweep/takedown at 1.22, was that worth a point? yes in my opinion, but the refs did not score it probably because it was not clean enough or followed up on quick enough. It’s not about what’s effective or what’s not, its about taking advantage on what will and wont work within this framework of rules.

  7. I found it a bit hard to see both refs simultaneously myself. Nevertheless, I’m not disagreeing with you about Agayev being the better fighter between the two. But this is a points based sports karate competition, and as such scoring is based on the athletes meeting several criteria at once before a point is awarded. It’s easy for us to see on video after analysis and in hindsight what should have and shouldn’t have scored. The referees are making an on the spot judgement call and may miss out

  8. Would you please explain how this is a collective decision? Is the referee using a flag system to determine the scoring – two assistants on the side – I looked for them and didn’t see them.
    But to return to my original point, Aghayev was all over the other guy, and in real life would have finished him off many times. you say he “gets away” with hip throws, and I realise they are prohibited, but learning to fight by taking things effective OUT of your karate seems particularly ill advised.

  9. LOL yeah based on your comments I seriously doubt it. Furthermore it is not one man’s opinion but a collective.

  10. Who made you king of the internet? I understand the rules thank you. I just think they’re nonsense.

  11. probably because there are 100s of world organisations with their own world championships and rules. As much as WKF would like for themselves to be considered ‘karate’, I’m sorry, they are not. They couldn’t be further from the truth. Now with the rule changes to TKD to more points orientation, theres like very minor differences between WTF TKD and WKF Karate, just combine the 2 IMO and call it Olympic Point Fighting.

  12. understand the rules before making comments please. No Hip throws. Agayev gets away with enough of these as it is due to his size.

  13. Two magnificent athletes, and I enoy sport karate myself, but this final depicts everything that’s wrong about it. Time after time Aghayev takes Beck convincingly to the floor, follows up with convincing punches to the head and still does not score the point. Fights decided by opinion are not fights at all. If this is world class refereeing, I want no part of a world class event.

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