Ferrari 430 Scuderia: hero cars –

The Ferrari 458 Italia is one of the world’s finest supercars But its greatness was only acheived through the development of this, the Ferrari 430 Scuderia. …


Ferrari 430 Scuderia: hero cars – — 25 Comments

  1. Having driven both cars myself, I couldn’t agree more with what is said in this video. The Scuderia is an absolute delight to drive. It is better than the 458 in my book.

  2. I actually know a guy who has a 458 and a scuderia and said these things literally. He prefers the scuderia over the 458.

    Then he sold the 458 and got the 458 spider and now they aren’t comparable anymore. Oh well.

  3. I wouldn’t mind having one of these if I couldn’t get the 458 which would be my first choice…

  4. id have to say id rather have this than the 438. but i’d get a regular 430 with a manual and just trick it out more like the scud. I’d never get a paddle shift car. its looks more bad ass than a 458. 458 is pretty but a bit wussy and too digital

  5. Getting sick of Porsche spam at the beginning off car vids. “They said a rear engine car wouldn’t win races”. I say shove that suppository shaped VW Beetle up your ass.

  6. just because it is the right decision doesn’t mean it’s the fun one! Also, i wasn’t fully being serious. If there wasn’t a reason to buy each of those cars they wouldn’t sell.

  7. You mean Porsche guys are busy talking about reliability and cheaper cars that are equally fast. Big difference.

  8. Guys he looked like he could drive. Was a car that’s for sale. He had to be gentle

  9. Good thing you’re a successful professional driver, we really needed you insight and experience to fully understand just how much worse than you this “fat ass” is. He happens to be a damn sight better than you.

  10. well, it is a video about a ferrari. Mcclaren guys will say the 12c beats all, GTR guys laugh at everyone’s 0-60 time, Lambo guys are too busy talking about passion and Porsche guys are busy being boring.

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