Learning the Muay Thai Clinch

We are brining you a series of training video clips to help you train and understand Real Muay Thai. In these clips we will bring you a broad range of techni…


Learning the Muay Thai Clinch — 17 Comments

  1. okay…so how to defeat the muay thai clench if caught in it somehow…cross your arms since they are free to prevent getting kneed in the face and bow then back pedal.

  2. LOL the guy in the underwear has a BIG ONE. And they are pulling each others head up and down,up and down, up and down, up and down like they are giving each other head.

  3. these techniques are great for mma but if some idiot tries this shit on me in the streets i’d break his nose with a headbutt. due to the fact that he’s pulling me towards him combined with my foward momentum using the top of my head crashing onto his nose, the result would be quite damaging. this is considering that we’re about the same height but if he is alot taller i would resort to another method of escaping/countering the clinch.

  4. however as with all martial arts, for it to be effective, you have to learn to adjust to who you’re fighting whether it be someone who’s alot taller,shorter,stronger,bigger,faster, or slower than you. the clinch works very well for a someone who’s alot taller than his opponent.to defend/escape against the clinch, you HAVE TO BE EXPLOSIVE and cannot hesitate or be half hearted on your attempts to counter it.

  5. Haha did my first BJJ class, you’re basically rolling around with sweaty men, be comfortable with your sexuality and it won’t feel uncomfortable 😛

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