Perrin Performance Exhaust: 2011 Subaru Impreza WRX Sedan (Stage 2) — 24 Comments

  1. I understand that having those things are a nice thing to have and it’s better to have it rather not having it. It’s just my own opinion. Who ever said that I wanted “Fake ass ricer Brembo covers” in the first place. Overall, of course the STi is better. Obviously it’s more capable than the WRX. I’m just saying that i’m not sure if it’s worth that couple grand for a daily driver, rather than a track car. It’s kind of ironic how there isn’t a WRX in the driveway, but rather a Ralliart lol.

  2. Thank you for understanding.. All that “Plastic” that he was talking about in the WRX can always be upgraded. I don’t find that things like brembo brakes and etc are neccesary for a daily driver.

  3. Lol it says in the description. It’s Perrin’s catback exhaust with a catless Invidia downpipe. Perrin doesn’t sell a catless downpipe. So technically it’s a full Turbo-back exhaust system (Downpipe, Midpipe, Axlebacks)

  4. Most people with an STi don’t know how to properly adjust the DCCD..or even how it works

    You only need one throttle control. S#.


    Plastic under the hood just doesn’t matter. In fact, the metal will hold more heat longer and will produce a hotter engine bay. There are WRX builds with 500+ hp with this plastic you speak of.

    Yes “better” stock suspension but most people swap it out anyways for something even better…

    Your wheels won’t stay stock for long so it doesn’t matter.

  5. love the stance on your car. i have a 2011 sti and i want the suspension to have that kind of look. did you change your rims also to make it look fatter or did you do wheel spacers and is it bad for the car of daily driving use?

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