mini tutorial krav maga.avi — 11 Comments

  1. If you know anything about Krav Maga, Imi Lichtenfeld took the most useful moves from different martial arts and combined them into what was originally a true Battlefield art. In your need to be “correct,” you may have overlooked that. ALL these moves are incorporated into Krav now…

  2. moro na bahia o estilo de luta q domina é capoeira aprende um pouco krav maga alguns colegas meus gostaram e hj eles mimm acompanham no krav maga

  3. muito bom valeu mano por postar esses tutoriais, se sabe néh eu moro no brasil, e tenho que aprender qualquer coisa pra se defender.

  4. This is not all Krav Maga. Infact only a little portion of it is. And it’s really not a tutorial, PeOPLE dont try this at home.

    Just search the most nearby Krav Maga school if you want to learn this shit, trust me I’ts really fun. But this is not a representative of how Krav Maga is. 

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