Puebla World Taekwondo Championships 2013 – Final -68 kg – KOR vs IRI — 13 Comments

  1. luta horrivel um so sabe esperar e nao ataca e o outro so sabe ficar levantando o pe! cade um bandal,dubal ou ti-tchagui???

  2. tienes toda la razon el irani solo uso la pierna izquierda y lastimo como 3 al coreano solo por tener la pierna arriba ese metodo no me gusta para nada lastima a los competidores

  3. I am mexican and I know how in the past Iran has gotten screw many times by the referees when they fight against Koreans. In this tournament also at the 58kg the Korean got points for not even touching the Iranian. I guess this was in order to correct their earlier mistake. Reality is TKD is not what it used to be. Too much faulty electronics and too many kicks that do not count. Best to always go for a KO!

  4. I play under 68 if I played with IRAN I sure I will win. world cup Championship

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