My “New” 2002 Camaro SS Comes Home

508 rwhp/497 rwtq SDPC LS2 402 Milled Trick Flow 215’s 240/244 .605/.596 112 LSA Ported 90mm FAST 90mm NWTB Kooks LT’s Flowmaster Textralia OZ700 4.10’s.


My “New” 2002 Camaro SS Comes Home — 24 Comments

  1. An old Camaro like this if restored properly will be worth a lot of money down the road.
    There isn’t too many of them in mint condition left anymore, this car could be a good investment.
    You can get an `02 anywhere from 9k…..for a decent one, under 100k miles, many come with mods too.
    20K is a lot but you can do it step by step over some years, I dread to put too much mileage on mine 🙂

  2. I got the 86 Irocz in the driveway but it needs at least 20K to be restored… runs but needs a massive overhaul

  3. I just bought a fine ’02 SS in Navy Blue w/stripe, mods to the engine and exhaust system…’s modded so much I can’t pass inspection in NYC right now :[, but I’m planning on paying for the NYS inspection sticker….all in all I paid $13k for it in Pennsylvania last week, it has only 43k miles!
    Ironically, it was owned by U.S Army soldier who used it during deployment on German Autobahn before shipping it back to Penn.
    There’s a Camaro for any budget, just check the car sites and GET ONE ! 🙂

  4. Yeah, specially the Z-28’s that come with the V6 model rims – ugly !!!
    The Corvette rims are the way to go, as we already share a lot with that car….

  5. 1. how much was she? 2. Do you think an Army paycheck ($25,000) a year, could easily handle it?

  6. Love fbodys I have a trans am and its a monster I have 85 mm tb cold air intake off road y pacesetter long tubes flow master 80 series muffler ms4 cam and a stall with 3.43 gears

  7. After 0:33 I change my underwear…did not expect cutouts! Was wearing headphones at time.  Minor ear bleed…

  8. Back the bitch up already! *starts backing it up* Whoa big guy take it easy!

  9. That is why I went with 17×9.5/11 chrome ZR1’s for the limited street use it sees and 15×4/10 RT-S’s for the track.

  10. Thanks … it is a work in progress. Still a few more improvements to make.

  11. Thats one, fucking loud ass sexy Machine you got there, Very well done, I bet it was worth it.

  12. …. it would take $10k to replicate this engine not including labor! A cam and exhaust system on a stock LS1 would create a similar sound for about $1k, but, it would not make near the power as this car.

  13. If not how much money will I have to spend to make it sound like this?

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