Shaolin Buddhist-Saint’s 13 Techniques (Luohan ShiSan Shi) Kung fu — 7 Comments

  1. Thank you so much for the good work on all your videos. Best collection i’ve found anywhere! Now I can finally learn 7 Star fist 🙂

  2. you better use a headphone, you can so hear the side you need. also a stereo speaker is good to use, you can turn of one of the channels and listen to the language you want.

  3. hi camozar, thanks. it’s about some months i’m very busy with my other affairs. still i’ll have some videos to upload from time to time. though very simple to learn, soft kung fu is considered the highest level in Shaolin curriculum. btw, many masters prefer beginning from the softer side! you’re welcome.

  4. Thanks a lot for this video. I prefer external shaolin kung fu forms

  5. Wats up Shemmati10yt, long time no see. Hey this looks like tai chi in kung fu. Ha ha ha. Anyways, the balance are fluid and flawless, especially for a beginner. I have tried Pao quan, and tai chi as well. It seems as if that Im learning slow movements, considering i am a fast learner. thx for the upload

  6. Good Demonstrations. Though for the video, one language left the other right on the same loudness is too confusing even if you can only understand one.

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