TOP GEAR _ BMW M5 vs. Jaguar XJR. — 22 Comments

  1. @sandy get off your high horse you need to mod your car to keep up with a stock car. It’s like a natural bodybuilder competing with a roid freak. Plus your car isn’t even in the same planet when it comes to class. Sorry kid no one will look at you in the street.

  2. My 03 str will rape this m5. After twin screw kit mod I will be able to destroy the new m5. As it sits now it’s got 356 rwhp which equates to about 445 fly wheel hp, most v10 m5s just barely beat me in the quarter. Goes to show any car an individual puts effort into cam turn into a fire breathing monster

  3. I’d take the m5, sell it for an e34 m5 and repair my e34 525i fully as a daily driver and m5 for trips and summernights 😀

  4. m3 e90 4doors got 420hp en engine at front end rwd with a MANUAL there something like this?i dont think so

  5. it got just a normal gearbox that so special on the car,find a car who have the engine at front end rwd with 400hp end a MANUAL GEARBOX Mercedes got all automatics non manuel the amg versions

  6. The bmw e39 m5 is the best 4 doors saloon car ever made! its a bmw! end it looks like a real mans car it got 4doors the engine at front end rwd.nice interieur bmw Always have end it got 400hp its a driftcar with a very nice sound end put an exhaust under it end scare people with your sound.maybe the best car in the world ..

  7. for the american market there is a m5 e60 with manual transmission avaible

  8. what if one likes both of them…?? can you get them with a proper gearbox thogh?

  9. the £9000 you save on the jag will get eaten up by repair bills in maybe 2 years… Also the BMW has more power and is naturally aspirated.

  10. Ah Clarkie, at that price point does he really think a prospective buyer is going to quibble over 9000 pounds?

  11. Man Tiff really is a hell of a driver, I can’t believe I just saw Initial D style racing on Top Gear – with big 4 door cars! You could tell it was all Tiff though, letting Clarkson keep up lol, and from what we can see that M5 is worth the extra 9k.

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