Worlds Greatest Goju-ryu Karate Master MORIO HIGAONNA 10th Dan (pt.3) — 14 Comments

  1. hehehehehe this is some weird ass gay bat shit.
    idk what you guys think but America’s got some sane shit that will not involve the groping or slapping of another man

  2. just watch the English subbed version!!! Available here, same channel, link in video description!

  3. That is a real body job test. i hate it. This is probably the most important thing in all Karate

  4. I do not wish to sound like I’m taking the piss, seeing that this guy appears to be an amazing example of his trade BUT…can anyone actually tell me what he is doing and why???

  5. maybe because the samurais teached their bare-handed techniques to the ordinary people when it was needed and later karate was born based in those teachings.

  6. @AZTigerMMA do not be disturbed about kyokushin kai, If you trace history Mas Oyama had created Kyokushin Kai. He used his training experience from his first art Shotokan, than after he went into a bad state when he killed a man. Gogen Yamaguchi taught him Goju Ryu. Mas Oyama went into the mountains for 2 years training. Through his Goju practice he was able to kill live bulls with his bare hands. This is why master Higaonna has strong hands. Shotokan+Goju Ryu=Kyokushin Kai.

  7. Отвратительно - изуродованные руки у этого горе =мастера=!

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