1994-1998 Mustang GT Power Pack – AmericanMuscle Bolt-On Build-Ups — 23 Comments

  1. yes because when 99-04 mustang came out they had different tune up

  2. Calm down with that v6 accord buddie we all know that thing is a “monster” lol

  3. but it makes 220 whp, same as v6 accord…. rwd loses more power through drivetrain loss then fwd

  4. That automatic Accord V6 of my year dynos about 190 to the wheels… Does that help ? TOV(Temply of VTEC) dyno test my car rated at “240 hp” and an Acura CL Type S and it was rated at “260 hp”, they dyno’d within 1 whp of each other. Go figure. Honda rated my engine at 250 hp on 91 octane, it was slightly underrated, and it has a very low drivetrain loss being FF manual.

  5. so you only lost 15hp from the crank to the wheels? no way a stock v6 accord makes that much whp

  6. Lol ok man ive had so many people talk shit dissagreeing with me i thought you were another one. So i appreciate it!

  7. Im sorry im not trying to hate, but 210hp? my dads 99 v6 stang would rape this thing. You need a 4v in that thing..

  8. 1996cammedmustang: I’d love to have an xcal3, wonder what they can do with an automatic 98 gt??

  9. From a dig, of course. RWD and LSD + 300 lb ft of torque versus FWD and Open Diff + 200 lb ft @ 5000 rpm. But from a roll I am faster because my engine only gets stronger to redline, where his power dies off somewhat past 5k rpm. I have the advantage of 6-speed versus his 5 as well.

  10. Thanks i have a 4.6 06 GT…. with the 300hp 4.6 , and i feel like weak to the new 5.0 coyote….want to buy a 04 stang or 95 for engine mod…

  11. Yet your friend would still beat you + sound & look sexy doing it.

  12. 04 4.6 hands down… a lot more power, more reliability, and all the parts are just as cheap. only downside is the 04 is obviously going to cost you more.

  13. From a single cam 3.0 liter V6, all n/a…. Before you say it has no torque, it had 90% of peak torque from 2000 rpm to 6000.

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