2013 Mustang GT500 vs 2012 Camaro ZL1 — 16 Comments

  1. Some people obviously don’t know what theyre talking about but that gt500 with the new 5.8 supercharged v8 has 662 hp compared to the camaro’s 580, the mustang kills the camaro in hp

  2. It’s hard to understand some down syndrome retard trying to talk about something he’s clueless about. Otherwise I read just fine.

  3. STFU hater, wat I said is loud & clear…dont’ get mad @ me becouse UR 2 dum 2 read.
    Lets’ not 4get GT500 pwns LS giant gas station pussy pushrtod motor every day all day.

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  8. And you my friend are another one of those dumb fucks who think “the bigger the better” go fuck yourself because the new mustang did whoop that chevys ass. and the zl1 have launch control so you cant say shit lol and car and driver has proven all new mustangs out handle any fucking camaro XD

  9. I read the comments below and laughed so hard. Thank you for that moment. You guys are definitely in a class by yourselves. I won’t call you retards cuz that would just insult those who actually have a mental ailment.

  10. GT500 is an entire car that is lighter. As you can see CLEARLY the ZL1 driver has NO clue how to launch. The truth is when it comes down to it the mustang is for people who need an easy car to drive, camaro blows HP out everyone’s ass, little bitty 5.4L won’t cut it on track that’s been proven multiple times, also the mustang doesn’t handle ear what the camaro handles and that includes all models from V6+. I’ll upload my 2SS vids because it runs better times than that guy driving the ZL1.

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