Jiu-Jitsu Philosophy with the Valente Brothers – Part 1 — 20 Comments

  1. I remember very well my teenage years in Rio. Constant fear of what the “juijiteros” ( he who practices Jiu Jitsu) would be up to. It is very beautiful to see what jiu jitsu is today… worldwide.

    Keep the great work.

  2. Japanese call themselves shihan or sensi or so.. because they are brazilians they use “professor” “master” and so…

  3. I plan one day to open an academy. This video inspires me to promote a respectful and benevolent Jiu-Jitsu atmosphere.

  4. Lol, this is exactly how I feel, thanks for this video, made me feel better. Can’t wait!

  5. This is a very inspiring video! We’re really excited to have Professor Gui teach seminars here in North Carolina this summer.

  6. I wish more people had the attitude of these guys especially the older generation of Gracies who are primarily responsible for all the negative connotations of BJJ that exist today.

  7. Thanks for this, sometimes while rolling I forget WHY Im doing it. Cheers

  8. Valente Brothers!!! Sir!!! Thanks for this video of philosophy…much help for me….and I will share it to my friends….hope you’ll have another video like this again….Godspeed!!!

  9. Puts, fiquei impressionado com o inglês de vocês, mt bem falado! Parabéns

  10. po vei tem que se em protugues para nos brasileiros
    a arte e nossa e vcs fasem em ingues ou pelomenos poe uma legenda valeu

  11. 2/2 And it has bothered me that some no longer care to stress respect of ones self in the gym but also outside of it. So I thank you for with out tradition and knowledge of the history we are just fighters

  12. I am at 10 minutes in and had to pause I am simply blown away I have tremendous respect for you two men and don’t take that lightly from what I’ve been herring you guys say you earned it. What you guys have just talked about is how I have been feeling and talking about alot of the Jui-jitsu systems here in CA. Me being a mixed-martail artists coming from a traditional martial arts back round it really has bothered me the way I see alot of the people conduct their selves in these Jiu-Jitsu gyms.

  13. Osssssss. Obrigado por tudo. Por mudar minha vida e meu jeito de pensar, sou preta de full contact e graduado em sambô, mais foi no jiu que minha vida teve sentido.

  14. its good to hear the valente brothers highly acknowledging the japanese roots of BJJ

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