Nico & Lewis – Onboard with radio @ Nordschleife (W196/W154)

Follow Nico and Lewis (and listen to them!!) whilst they drive two amazing historic Silver Arrows, the W196 and W154, around the Nordschleife… —— Don’t…


Nico & Lewis – Onboard with radio @ Nordschleife (W196/W154) — 20 Comments

  1. Lewis: “mine doesn’t want to change gear” - “the gearbox is terrible”

    Dominic Toretto: “Granny shifting, not double clutching like you should”

  2. – shrrrrrr…. Spitfire on your six …. shrrrrr … schiessen sie! …. shrrrrr Dive ! Dive ! Dive ! …. shrrrr
    – shrrrrrr …. Nico, Nico, wake up, its me Lewis

  3. Safety zero, cars from another century …. but the radio comunication as allways crapy 😀

  4. They should allow drivers to talk to each other in a f1 race, that would be cool to hear.

  5. one 50’s formula car cost as much as 10 mercedes SLS’s,doesnt worth the risk…

  6. Where O WHERE are their Save The Ring (STR) stickers?!

    Surely with the great history that Mercedes shares with this historic & iconic circuit Mercedes can afford to help in SAVING this beautiful piece of heaven on Earth with at least as little as a sticker or 2 to help raise awareness if nothing else?

    Please Mercedes help Save The Ring!

  7. I suppose. Large engine death trap to drive it when you don’t know the machine! haha. Good luck for tomorrow lads!

  8. They don’t need my approval. I ‘m saying… These guys chose race each others at 300Km/h they know the risk about doing that, so please, focus your mind in race and win, if you have too much concern about safety, get a job behind a desk. by the way, a police officer, put his own life in risk every day, and i’m very sure about his salarie is not millonarie. I am not a driver and a i am not a police men, but i am a F1 fan, and i dont like when the people talks about safety, and not about race.

  9. From one of the other comments: In german Nico said: “It is an awesome experience with that race car. With that throttle and tyres in these corners… he cannot imagine how they could drive those cars back than, at full speed, even in heavy rain, on a track without crash barriers. It is insane.”

  10. Just for demonstration, too big a risk to try and do any “proper” laps!

  11. Hi Martin, thanks for your feedback. Sorry if the volume is too much for your right now, we’re trying to bring the fans all the content they want and part of that, of course, is finding the right balance. We aim for a target length of around 2 mins / 2 mins 30 with some longer pieces as well but all feedback is really welcome. Hopefully we will soon find the right balance for you.

  12. And yet it’s on the very edge of being annoying enough to unsubscribe because this channel is spamming my timeline with 1min videos and only once a week there is one actually worth watching.

    I do like your quality content, but these teasers drive me mad.

  13. i know that. so what’s the point of driving those cars if u can get fun?

  14. Hamilton didn’t get to do this kind of stuff at McLaren, it took Top Gear to give him the opportunity to drive Senna’s MP4/4.

  15. I heard the FIA is going to hand down penalties because this breeches the testing ban

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