Corvette vs Viper Race

The battle continues between the two high performance cars, a 915hp supercharged Corvette with a widebody conversion and a 900hp supercharged Viper (off the …


Corvette vs Viper Race — 12 Comments

  1. Who says a Viper always beats a vet? boy were the wrong!!!! Damn i can’t believe the Salesman at the dodge dealer lied to me he told me it was the fastest car in the US and that no Chevy would ever beat it Damn that Salesman:)

  2. great races and sexy sounds but the vette hands down best bang for buck super car

  3. How did the Corvette beat the Viper?! Corvettes use V8 engines. Vipers use V10 engines.

  4. Another point to why the Viper is a waste of money. Loses every time.

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