How to bake 2008-12 Subaru WRX STI headlight

How to bake and smoke your wrx, sti headlight. Click like and subscribe.…


How to bake 2008-12 Subaru WRX STI headlight — 10 Comments

  1. It takes a little force to split, sorry for the late reply, I’m deployed right now.

  2. I’m actually doing this right now it’s not as hard but I’m on my fourth cycle in the oven the glue is super strong on mine but I think after this one the lens will come off its already really loose I’m just making sure I don’t break anything

  3. A lot of work but it looks great. Any problems with water leaking inside?

  4. Oh cool! Yeah I’ve experimented with Plastidip a lot on my wrx lol. I just wanted to know how the plastidip holds up against the temperature. I love plastidip! I dipped my front vents, emblems, and side emblem. And thanks for responding!

  5. The plastidip is holding up great. If you want you can spray it with anything, but plastidip can be removed later.

  6. How has the plastidip been holding up on the lights? Did it melt or anything?

  7. The screwdriver that I used flexed a little, so I really didn’t worry about it cracking the lens. A wider screwdriver may still work just as good.

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