2012 Ford Mustang GT vs 2012 Dodge Challenger RT

This is a race at Englishtown NJ between a slightly modified Mustang GT vs a stock Challenger RT. As expected the Mustang smoked the RT.


2012 Ford Mustang GT vs 2012 Dodge Challenger RT — 19 Comments

  1. You must be talking about the mustang gts before 2011, or a newer gt only running on 6 cylinders because needs a spark plug change or something lol

  2. Will not beat a new 5.0. The 5.0 has more stock hp and less curb weight

  3. Special Edition Mopar ’11 Charger: Besides brake and suspension upgrades it has a Mopar tune and a 3:91 rear axle ratio and I highly doubt that would be enough to beat a 2011+ GT with a 5.0 but, it would probably smoke the older S197 with the 4.6 3V engines…..maybe. Although, those SE are nice.

  4. Mustangs aren’t always faster. I have a Special Edition Mopar ’11 Charger (stock) and I crush stock Mustang GT’s all day long.

  5. I love all the crying! Regardless of the Mustangs mods,a Challenger R/T can NOT beat a stock 5.0,get over it already….

  6. The mustang will win every time its simple physics, the car is lighter flat out

  7. Just bought my 2013 R/T 6-speed manual Challenger, 3 weeks ago. Been wanting one since they first came out with the new retro design. Totally in love with it! Yep. Mustangs are faster but….they’re mustangs. Generic, everybody and their grandmother has owned one, teen ager cars. Of course not the Shelby 500 but, the typical Mustang is just. so. typical. If all I wanted was speed, I’d buy a ‘Stang. I wanted something that was just flat out cool as hell to cruise in. Challenger wins that race!

  8. I love to read the comments on here, everyone has their preference. I personally drive a 2008gt mustang, looks bone stock. Magnaflow magnapacks H-pipe with a procharger super charger. I do not race or drive like a fuckin idiot BUT challengers are ALWAYS fucking with me. Lets just say I put assclowns in their place when I am provoked : )
    I love cars and respect anyone who drives a nice ride. I just like knowing I have the power under my hood when I need it.

  9. My g37 s sedan stock beats the rt challenger. I hav raced em from a dig and roll.

  10. This version of the challengers suck big time, we own a 2011 and im not happy with it , I get to drive it and for the big price its not worth it,but my brother loves his challenger, slow heavy bathtub you cant even drift in this thing!

  11. yea but, that Challenger ran a slow time….maybe the driver sucks but, how does someone screw up an automatic?

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