The Matwork Differences Between Judo and Brazilian Jiujitsu | Judo and BJJ are NOT the same anymore — 8 Comments

  1. Looks like Brazilian ppl are NOT “origin thieves” unlike the KOREANS

  2. There is a club in the UK called Shinto Judo Club, we specialised in ground work, the three brothers that run the club are national champions, I use to fight their father and they have learned well, Roger Gracie has a club / academy in the UK and one of his students Bobby Simpson is a regular there, he started at Shinto, see if you can last 3mins, I dare you.

  3. I don’t know when, but Im coming down to train in your two day clinic.

  4. I love your videos Rhadi..I think you may need a new camera…the video looks a little foggy

  5. Great video – really interesting and informative way of contrasting the two sports.

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