CNET On Cars – Audi A7 vs. BMW 640i Gran Coupe Ep 1 We kick things off with two German four-door coupes that hate each other, a look at the biggest engine breakthrough in your lifetime an…


CNET On Cars – Audi A7 vs. BMW 640i Gran Coupe Ep 1 — 25 Comments

  1. They compare the base A7 vs the M-sport package + led light package bmw 640i… its sure that it will look better loll. Please put the S-line package A7 + the front led package

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  3. Thank you for making this show. Is that your garage or a set? Also Lotus admirer? Never seen a review…

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  5. every second in his review is worth watchable and valuable… hats off gentleman 🙂

  6. I knew the Charger and 300 would be the top 2 cars but they both have the same 392 engine and advertise 470HP. Still - the Charger is cheaper than the 300 and deserves the top spot.

    The A7 and BMW 6 are nice cars but I’d rather have a used S-550 for that same $60,000.

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  10. haha i like this show but imma teen and i would be so stupid to waste my time using the phone when i have a fucking a7 or 640 GC! haha

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