2013 mustang gt vs 2012 corvette grandsport both stock! — 18 Comments

  1. But if he spent the 30gs on a mustang instead and used the rest on driving lessons he wudnt look like such a pompous doucher in a vette lol

  2. comparing a zr1 corvette to a base 5.0 is ludicrous…. try a GT500…. comparing a zr1 to a base mustang is like comparing a foxbody 5.0 or z28 camaro to a honda…..

  3. Mustang by a fender??? I don’t believe that……that’s bullshit! I don’t care if the Vette is auto ,6-Spd or the Yvette driver is missing a Leg that’s still bullshit!!!

  4. Your high!!!!The vette has a 12.5 1/4 mile lead over the GT’s 12.7???That Vette is NOT killing shit….Watch the video again.Read up on the new Mustangs..The funny thing is,the Ford has a little 5.0 on top of all this shit talking??If the corvette could KILL the new GT,then even with a Crappy driver he should have won?End of story!!!

  5. Run what ya brung!! Maybe the guy in the grand sport should of got his car in an automatic. haha

  6. This really comes down to the driver, though the vette should win more often than not. The mustang is close in performance, 12.7 in the 1/4 compared to 12.5, and nicely equipped, including performance upgrades for about 40k compared to similar optioned vette at 70K (base vette 56K, base mustang about 31k). Price does matter when you look at value compared to performance.

  7. Ford fanboy stop it 5.0 can’t be a vette when both stock.I didn’t even see the end of the race.The fact of the matter is that stangs are made for camaros not vettes.

  8. Ya a mustang has no chance against the corvett but a for gt would own the corvett

  9. Get out of here with your Hondas they will not beat a corvette just let it go lol and if both cars were stock the corvette would win and if you wanna compare car years the take the ZR1 corvette vs that mustang 5.0 the mustang would eat dust lol

  10. guys get over it the vette lost its no big deal i spank corvettes all day long. you all are acting like you never seen a mustang beat a corvette before.

    and the mustang IS NOT A COBRA ITS A STOCK MUSTANG GT!!!!!

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