Porsche 9ff GT3 RS vs 911 Turbo Protomotive 1200 vs GT-R AMS Alpha 12+ — 13 Comments

  1. All of these cars have turbo…. -.- You mean the Sergey’s Porsche 911 vrt1200 promotive

  2. fuck its fake gtr +NOS GTR was farmer carr ITS CANNOT BE FAST THAN PORSCHE

  3. @wnvkyuu yes i mean it. i am very lucky to get to know about this site. Listen to this, you would be suprised how cheap you can buy this car through this website. i got it from here. you can also try it –>

  4. 1150hp vs 1500 hp?  race a 1500hp Porsche, this will be a fair race.

  5. Nissan Sky Line GTR Need Sky to Make a Line I Love It really Wild Car .. I Need One 🙁

  6. At 1:10… “it doesn’t switch, damn”…. well, dude: it’s a Porsche… not a Nissan!

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