Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Ladies Summercamp Short Documentary — 15 Comments

  1. Jujitsu was developed by Samurai. Kung Fu was developed by Monks.

  2. The comments here are disgusting; I wish people would grow up on the internet. Hats off to the ladies for putting this together; hope we see more of this sort of thing in the future.

  3. You’re half right. They aren’t trolling, but they are retards for sure.

  4. Ladies… I’m the triangle choke inspector, now line up and test it on me so I can make sure it’s “effective.”

  5. Again, I’m gonna have to do your homework for you Nipple Neck. Europeans were in N.America 10-15,000yrs before Asians crossed the Berring Straight. Check Clovis points, Windover Bog Mummies, Kenwick man ect. Try to keep up.

  6. I know things and have lived in Japan; that doesn’t make me Japanese. Flooding ALL and Only White areas with Non-Whites is Genocide.

  7. what Im saying is youre a hypocrite you dont really believe in anything they were born and raised in the country they dont know anything about their so called homeland many of them have no idea where they came from originally just like you dont know where you came from.At least they’re migrating legally they didn’t kill the natives and call it their land

  8. The Aryan place of origin will bring you no closer to anything. It’s none of your concern. Please don’t tell me the Caucasious Mountains. Alles Klarr, Gutt. Tschuss

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