The Evolution of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, with Draculino and Stephan Kesting — 13 Comments

  1. Great interview between two of my favourite jiu jitsu practitioners.

    I love how he acknowledges the threat of BJJ going the same way as judo and taekwondo. It’s such a serious threat to the art. And he insists on the importance of takedowns.and keeping jiu jitsu practical.
    Real voice of wisdom for jiu jitsu.

  2. Great interview bringing a well respected and experienced juiu jitsu player providing great history as well as perspective to the future of jiu jitsu.

  3. I train both ways! also rubber guard is alright untill a bro postures up and pops u knee and i wish Eddie would explain how not to get hurt w/ RG so now i know if I don’yt control the head etc and I just unlock my feet and go open Guard then go back closed at the right time etc… Also look at MG in Action the butterfly guard is awesome etc…

  4. OBVIOUSLY if u’ve been 6 or 10 years with your ass in the mat u will do great no matter if using a gi or not…but pulling a collar will never be better for clinching that clinching itself all time….those guys are great cause they know the ground game but must of techniques, sweeps etc are not the same without that pijama.

  5. Sure it is because 10th planet guy’s do great in mma. Traditional Bjj doesn’t work at all I should Tell the Nog bros,Anderson Silva,Werdum,Maia,GSp,Nick Diaz, and Bendo that they should be doing 10th planet not traditional bjj.

  6. Go and say it to aoki or vinny magalhaes…tenth planet system rocks, i’ve kick some asses with it…you just have to master it, it is designed to make bjj more effective in mma circumstances where u dont have sleves and collars to pull and u must use just the clinch game

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