Mitsubishi EVO 9 vs Mitsubishi EVO VI vs Turbo Kia Pro Cee’d roll-on 60-200-250 (1) — 14 Comments

  1. Out of all the evos made the evo 5 and 6 by far look the best and most aggressive !!

  2. How can you tell ?
    That’s not exactly German the are speaking, sounds Russian or Polish to me…

  3. i want a VI bad…6,8 and 9 are my favs…6 because they were so far aheaad of their timeand look sick…8 because i own 2 and 9 because it is the last chasis propelled by the legendary 4g63!

  4. That’s real smart put on your hazards to let the cops know your going to be drag racing on the freeway

  5. Nice job kia dude but you can’t fuck with an evo you know that 🙂

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