Ninjutsu: khosho ryu with Master Ali Karim

Kosho Ryu artists learn to move such that opponents cannot see, feel or hear them. By manipulating the attackers perception of their environment, they are ab…


Ninjutsu: khosho ryu with Master Ali Karim — 17 Comments

  1. …with large and obscene movements, talking about being wind and earth and all this mumbo-jumbo bs. This is a conglomerate of comments about all the videos I watched today. So many different styles are incorporated into this art that you claim Koga Ninjutsu. And the funny thing, all this movement is generally all the same. My head hurts from watching all this bs. Thanks for letting me get a rise out this crap. Keep up the great work, who or what ever this is.

  2. It’s crap. Jump around, spin, flail your arms. The only issue I have is this is not “Ninjutsu”. Speed punching the attackers head when they are on the ground like rabbits humping….or slice and dicing, back and forth between two attackers, who just so happen to punch at the exact same time and end up on the ground and defender is going back and forth like he works at Benihana. I see a lot of “talking” about theory and little demonstration. It’s all a bunch of small ideas…..

  3. who the hell would seriously through a punch like?!?! Try to pull one of those moves in a sparring match or REAL fight and see if your opponent gives you time to do all that Circus show.

  4. Hey, thanks for explaining the obvious to a real master!

    I can’t believe your audacity….

  5. With all due respect, there are some things that I do not agree with in your videos. But I am not here to tell you what you can and can’t do or what you can say and can’t say. I am just being honest and voicing my thoughts. Any dojo is a controlled environment. Real life altercations is something you learn about through experience. Not a dojo. A dojo gives you an idea of what to expect…maybe. Anyone who disagrees is ignorant and has a lot to learn. A dojo is not combat. A dojo is a school

  6. It would be really good if someone taught this in the Omaha area. I would definitely study it.

  7. I find, in my aescetic wanderings, that ninjutsu is a core art that many other styles derive from, such as Yagyu. I started in Korean Shinobu Ho then switched to Kage Ryu Budo. I really enjoy Shidoshi Karim but would really like to see him expound on the spiritual/philosophical aspects of his art… A true Bu-Jin is equal in mind/body/spirit.

  8. Not a problem. Well if khosho ryu deals with an artists learning to move such that opponents cannot see, feel or hear them. By manipulating the attackers perception of their environment, they are able to control their movements, force and aggression.Then this fits right in with the principles and concepts of ninjutsu the way of stealth, in this case being deception, stealth and confusing opponents in combat.

  9. If you notice I did not put it together as one , I put Ninjutsu : ( semi colons) then Khosho ryu. Basically demonstrating that although our core or foundation is ninjutsu,Master Karim delves into other areas of study that enhance our practice.

  10. I say so calleds ninjutsu due to the varying levels of conflict within ninjutsu… disrespect meant

  11. actually I studied Kosho Shorei Ryu Kenpo….Jushniks…I never heard Kosho Ryu put together with Ninjutsu……as a title (kosho Ryu ninjutsu) ?

  12. what does Kosho Ryu have to do with so called ninjutsu? not putting down your art as i believe it is real and effective but obviously i know a lil someting about Kosho Ryu and Ninjutsu myself and this doesn’t resemble it? not a put down…..just asking

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