MTV True Life Street Racing Part 1 of 3 — 20 Comments

  1. LOL< yeah, but would you rather he was racing with a 500 horsepower Mustang?

  2. actually it looked like he scca prepped his cars too, so he probably had to add a racing tank as well as the cage.

  3. to be honest it looks like he just replaced everything even if it didnt need to be. I might be wrong bc idk much about hondas/acuras, they’re not really my forte. But it looked like he messed around with interior too.

  4. 9:47 sure he can race me any day for a grand. dont worry dude there is enough room in my car for your woman to get a ride home also.

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  6. rice this rice that damn grow up everyone experesses themself differently some ppl build their car just to express themself. I street race but i built my car to handle the road not for straight line that shows being able to have an all around set-up and the skill of the driver

  7. i have to laugh at how much shit ppl talk about anothers car. Damn ppl get into this scene as a passion for what they have but everyone has to look down on eachother and i know someone is gonna respond to this talking shit on me and i really dont care i build my own cars and bout the comment of having a 1000 hp supra.I’m sry i would rather put money into the crx that i own and have it to be up to 250 bhp and be able to drive it daily on the street and still have track time and good gas mileage

  8. maybe he is factoring the labor saved by doing the work himself? That would at least explain his false bravado at a job well done

  9. wow he must be in whiteTrashville. all of them have shit ricers. i cannot beleive that he blew 60k on that shit.

  10. firstly do not call me a fag good sir, as i love import cars! Supras Skylines amazing machines! i am just saying rice because of the fact that he spent 60 grand and he has 220 horsepower
    so please do not use profanity against me

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  12. He actually could have spend 15k on a used supra. And with 45k tuning/upgrading it. he could have about 600-700hp with that money.
    I think the guy lies about it 60 grand… pff. i think 6 grand.

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