Donnie Yen Wing Chun and Tai Chi performance

甄子丹《武动全城》真功夫表演香港回归15周年晚会 Donnie Yen performs during the grand variety show as part of the ceremony on the 15th anniversary of the handover of Hong Kong, in H…


Donnie Yen Wing Chun and Tai Chi performance — 25 Comments

  1. He has taken Chen Style Taiji to another higher level, focused effortlessness , flowing from circle to circle, powerful coiling and uncoiling, evenly balanced and it all works together for him, and him alone!!!

  2. No normal person would walk around carrying a gun with them. Stop being jealous and stop being a dick.

  3. Chỉ có Trung Quốc mới làm được điều này, không thể phủ nhận

  4. Actually, he had prior wing chun training in his early days. It’s just that he was humble when he said that he had 9 months of training before principal photography of Ip Man began.

  5. Oh crap..!! I so didn’t mean to put that on this video!!! How do I take it off. !!!!! I freaking love Donnie Yen!

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