There Are No Substitutes for a BMW E30 M3

There are no substitutes for an E30 M3, and for Gabor Mester, no ordinary M3 would cut it. Gabor had his heart set on the specific M3 that started him down t…


There Are No Substitutes for a BMW E30 M3 — 14 Comments

  1. Dude, I have an e30 m3, i know what its supposed to sound like, so, dip di durr

  2. and by the way ; usa had the eco gearbox with a 4.10lsd
    the euros had 5 speed sports gear boxes with 3.25 and 3.15 lsds .
    and then bmw.. screwed up usa on the E36 engines … so lol… sory, most of you never saw what a E30 S50B30 tuned to 300hp could do … i can only imagine the H35 24s with 330hp ….. ^^

  3. rice = racing inspired car enhancement
    Do not mistake it for a ricer, a copycat wannabe. The M stands for motorsport. The Ms have been developed to compete in the DTM originally. It does not copy anything. It is what it is, an original. If it sounds like a racer, that’s because it almost is. It does not sound like a ricer, ricers sound like it.
    The “farting” is laughable, because it’s just all talk, without power behind it. This one has got what it takes though. It’s an original, not a wannabe.

  4. The exhaust sounds AMAZING! Does anyone know if that’s the stock exhaust or has it been modified? AWESOME video as well!

  5. Only US e36 M3 was under powered, original EU version was not.
    In EU was popular Alpina e30 with 6 cylinders (not M3) a lot of people (not a car guys) still mistakes that for M3.

  6. I’m not a car guy, I even do not own any car, I’m anartist who just love machines. But what a movie what a story what a camera work!!!!!!

  7. Thumbs up if you searched the web for 2nd hand E30 M3’s after watching this video.

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