MMA Highlight – Holiday [HD]

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MMA Highlight – Holiday [HD] — 13 Comments

  1. not really dude, just thought it would look nice with some mma highlights

  2. great highlight man but in my opinion you could have had some submissions thrown in there too

  3. Just before UFC goes live on PPV there is a video montage with Baba O’riley that plays for the crowd. As fun as that video is when it comes on, this video can rival that. Good Choice to use a live version of Holiday.

  4. Great HL. I would remove any clear late stopagges so people who don’t know the sport don’t think its normal. Awesome job!!

  5. Unica coisa que eu acho que faltou foi o Lock do Frank Mir! ou um pouco da luta do Wanderlei silva x Rampage ja que tu colocou um pouco dos 2 haha , mas ficou foda pra caralho! Parabens!

  6. funny thing, the alternative ending of the video was condit smiling in that exact moment haha

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