Onboard Duller Motorsport BMW M3 Herwig Duller DMV TCC 15.06.2013 Hockenheimring — 10 Comments

  1. Mostly rev matching. It is much easier to quickly engage every gear than to brake till you have reached the slowest point of the corner and try to rev match.
    Some heel – toe can’t hurt.

  2. Yeah I’m not too sure on the braking effect thing… the brakes should be entirely capable of locking up the wheels if need be, and the limits of the tires I doubt are beyond the brakes… but hey I’m not the one driving.

  3. by going through all the gears on downshifts the braking effect is increased. slows the car down quicker so you can brake later

  4. can’t you just skip a gear to down shift? Do you really have to go through all the gears while downshifting?

  5. Yay for the foot cam! Excellent addition to an already great clip. Kudos to Duller.

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