Maserati Granturismo W/ MC Sportline Exhaust Ride, Hard Revs, Acceleration, 220 KM/H — 20 Comments

  1. am so jelaous :)))) great car,if i had the money am running to buy one,really great

  2. Some people say that their video was filmed on a private road, or another country to avoid problems with the law, that’s all.

  3. Mexico? License plates are from Europe, I guess you said that because you can go as fast as fuck in mexican roads, I am mexican 😀

  4. Automatic ? A cmo’n wtf stop being american xD

    Anyway nice video friend !

  5. let me guess this was filmed on a private road in mexico right? 😛 nice video and great camera angle

  6. Its amazing how quiet it is in the cabin… considering the noise being made outside the thing lol

  7. i knew cause my father owned a hyundai matrix…that pininforina guy must have designed this too…

  8. Wow nice video! I love the sounds!! And the camera angle is great, you can see the gauges and the road! +1

  9. Zo die gaat er stevig vandoor! Moet geweldig zijn om met deze wagen mee te rijden, klinkt echt fantastisch 🙂

  10. Heerlijk als die terugschakel! En erg vet ritje gehad zie ik! Gave video +1

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