SR Auto Group – Episode: 1 – Twin Turbo Lamborghini 1500 hp

A look into the High Performance Exotic Car world at SR Auto Group. Where we will see some of the most sought after exotic cars being modified with the best …


SR Auto Group – Episode: 1 – Twin Turbo Lamborghini 1500 hp — 19 Comments

  1. This guys a complete douche, how bout build a fucking car with all that money of yours… But no you choose to be a typical fucking douche with more money than brains who cant drive, all lambo’s are auto now. This guys is perfect example of MORE MONEY THAN BRAINS.

  2. @uhsbvww you are correct. this is really fantastic. Listen, you would be suprised how cheap you can buy this car through this website. if you wanna try just try now >>

  3. If u ever want to make a video about driving a 1500 hp lambo, chech the f///?? Weather first

  4. hahahah aboot hahahahah keep saying about its fucking hilarious
    sik cars

  5. Thanks for the reply Damon. Well ur matte bull on yellow rims looks sick. I sent you pvt message.

  6. Unfortunately there is probably more hate than love for those wheels. Mad respect for daily driving a Lamborghini on the west coast, and even more respect for actually driving it hard!

  7. The TT is a 2009 LP-560 and the UGR race spec kit is about $150k isn. It is not my car nor did SR have it built for them they brough it up from the US already done. It was a lot of fun to drive.

  8. Audio could use some work but looking forward to seeing how this web series plays out. SR builds some really nice cars. It will be interesting to see if you can capture the high calibre cars with equally stunning cinematography.

  9. Dont mind comments like these .. Clip is about amazin 1500HP gallardo and guy’s havin issues with the color?! Anyways .. what year is this gallardo and what is the cost of TT upgrade? Sick rims color!

  10. oh I see. Love matte cars. Nice lambo by the way! I’m shredding the roads in a 2000 camry. Wammo 😛

  11. really depends on the quality of the person who did the job. In some cases I would imagine it would be very hard to tell. But in this case my only point was that the other person who commented said they don’t like the played out wraps which in this case the car is actually paihted in matte as a option from factory.

  12. Hi Lorenzo, While im inclined to agree with you if it was a wrap but this is a painted car! 🙂 I actually still really like the matte finishes

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