MTV True Life Street Racing Part 2 of 3 — 22 Comments

  1. All u niggas talking shit how slow there cars are when you guys dont have a car……easy to sound cocky when you have no ride

  2. FWD is a race platform. there is a race series for every platform. its all a matter of preference

  3. Jeez I never seen so many cars on bottle..where is the turbos in this vid..

  4. Actually there just shitboxes ricers just slap a body kit on their DX and talk shit

  5. give me a striped red 95 eg hatch wit a k24 and a rsx 6 speed and a 50 shot and i wood kill all the ricers in this vid thow

  6. Yea I know and I totally understand that and some, if done right look good, but I would rather use the money that they put into their cars to buy something a little nicer or faster stock.

  7. Well lots of people race Hondas because theyre cheap to build up and are pretty fun to drive. Yeah not the fastest but enjoyable.

  8. Watching 4cyl hondas is not very fun to watch. They should have done this show with fast cars.

  9. LOL your r35 black edition in forza? Yea im sure it can. Oh wait or is it daddy’s? If you had one you wouldn’t be on here watching this. Do you even have your license?

  10. I agree for the most part, but you most also take into account the whole power to weight ratio thing. A 2100 lbs coupe with 250 hp is a LOT different than a 3-4000 pound car with 250 hp. Though, something like a LS1 swapped miata would kill everything.

  11. The worse thing is. These cars arent even the boosted ones. They are the biggest losers.. They are racing with around 200 maybe max 250hp..

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