Tesla Model S vs BMW M5 Drag Race

Ezra Dyer pits the Tesla Model S against the BMW M5 in a drag race during Automobile Magazine’s 2013 Automobile of the Year testing.


Tesla Model S vs BMW M5 Drag Race — 22 Comments

  1. Hi, can you tell me how much exactly you will pay to buy the Tesla in Norway? Thanks.

  2. @mzfbkis yes i mean it. this is really fantastic. Listen to this, ive seen this car selling rediculously cheap on this site. its worth a try here > bit.ly/101jncW?=uscjkx

  3. shut d fuck up m5 does 0-100 in 4.5 sec. e63amg beats m5 every time

  4. who the fuck are you kidding. all you ever watched is videos on phones and laptops. you don’t know a difference between a bmw and a mercedes. why are you trolls lies and lies to promote your hidden agenda. go electricute yourself.

  5. this race is obviously a propaganda for tesla s. if you set the M5 in a race mode and use it’s launch control: 0-60mph 3.7secs. 1/4 mile 11.9@123mph. after 60mph, the tesla s will be admiring the M5’s tail lights. not to mention the fact that the M5 will go to 150mph in only 17 secs while the tesla s will still be doing about110mph. but of course all you electric trolls who have no clue about cars will argue. do yourself a favor and gather these fatcs if your’e in doubt.

  6. BMW piece of shit. wanna but IC engone car but e63 amg. 0-100  3.2 sec faster than ferrari 458 italia. m5- 0-100 4.5 sec hahha m5 is history

  7. So to be fair, this video should be called “Flooring a Tesla with traction control on vs a BMW M5 with traction control off.”

  8. It’s no doubt a fun car and a feat of engineering. But that’s no reason to ignore the fact that this video is downplaying the competitor. Both quarter mile times I’ve cited are the lowest (professionally demonstrated) times for each car. It is obvious that the run in this video severely handicapped the Tesla by having the BMW spin through first and second and start below the optimal torque range in third. Top that with the fact that Tesla won 2 out of 3 runs, and it begins to get smelly.

  9. Tesla’s free chargers would save me $7500 if I used them every day to recharge the car. If I trade-in my Prius, then I would save $20,000 in reduced gasoline costs 🙂
    EVs are rated no cleaner than a Prius (and less clean than a 70mpg insight, 80mpg Lupo, or Civic CNG) by greenercars. That’s an environmentalist website that tracks the entire pollution cycle from a car’s birth to its final disposal

  10. BMW 1/4 mi – 11.78
    Tesla Model S 1/4 mi – 12.50

    I smell shill.

  11. I wonder what the results would be if the BMW didn’t spin through first and second and start at the bottom of third…

  12. And in 10 years the Tesla will need a new battery which will be massively expensive, and if CA keeps tightening controls on power plants won’t even be able to charge itself.

  13. By the way, it has just been tested that it costs about 6 cents to Tesla Model S to do one 1/4 mile race and that you can do about 170 of those!

    Model S was accelerated to 114mph, then slowed down to 30mph. The usage was only 0.5KWh. The total battery capacity is 85KWh. So, you can do 85/0.5 = 170 drag races before needing to recharge the battery. Granted, the last 20 or so races will not be as fast due to depleting battery. So lets say – 150 runs.

    M5 – can you beat THAT?

  14. Tesla and Mercedes are collaborating companies. I don’t see how using quality Mercedes shifter lever in Model S makes it any cheaper. Just like Mercedes putting Tesla drive-trains into their electric cars.

    As for the rest of your points – they are irrelevant as you have not actually ever DRIVEN the car. None of the reviewers (including C.R., Motor Trend, Edmunds, Car & Drive, etc) found the screen distracting or intrusive.

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