“Street Effective” Hapkido: Advanced Takedown Defense from a Punch — 9 Comments

  1. well, actually that ” yelling ” is necessary indeep, Inside of Hapkido the release of energy during punches, kicks, throws, and controlling should be done by breath, but in the case of contact, you should take out the air in your stomatch by using certain words like “IAT” trust me, i once tested my punch before and after the screama, and it gives more power on it.

  2. o.k streetfight, in the Moment you go down you get a kick to the head. 

  3. Aikido, hapkido and japanese ju jitsu all came from daito ryu aiki jui jitsu

  4. Koreans should stop coming to JAPAN EXPO insisting origin of AIKIDO.It is written in homepage.And we call it a LIE.That’s why Koreans are liars.To all watching this video,please do not believe what Koreans say.

  5. They didnt steal anything, they incorporated techniques and styles from different martial arts and made it their own, Hapkido is well rounded because of this making it an ideal self defense martial art. Oh, and calling every Korean a liar is just pure ignorance.

  6. It’s wasting time to learn Hapkido because Koreans stole from Japanese Aikido.Koreans stole Mueythai,Thai kickboxing,too.DO NOT BELIEVE WHAT KOREANS SAY.THEY ONLY LIE.

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