Myths and Logic of Shaolin Kung-Fu [Sub Esp]

Este es el documental de Discovery Channel Myths and Logic of Shaolin Kung-Fu (Mitos y Lógicas del Kung Fu Shaolin). Este documental solo se puede encontrar …


Myths and Logic of Shaolin Kung-Fu [Sub Esp] — 17 Comments

  1. I even have evidence. It was developed from wushu or kungfu.

  2. Chinese Sanda is developed from kung fu. you are just contradicting yourself

  3. Would have been quite a bit better if they didn’t add the Kung-Fu sound effects from movies.

  4. I can have this as background noise and I feel soothed my the sounds.  It is really beautiful.

  5. Hay uno de National Geographic sobre Iron Body, de casualidad no lo tienes por ahi?

  6. I dont ?, and you do ?

    so wing chun is real and is the most unstoppable force like in the movie Ip Man ?

    so all the kung fu flying shit is real ?

  7. Just make it simple and get to the point kung fu has too many unnecessary forms just go straight to sanda and cin naa.and that’s the real deal people will hardly now what to do on a knife asoult or how to take a knife away cin naa and sanda are the true martial arts from China everything else it’s a waste of time…

  8. I forgive you. For you do not know what you are talking about. EVERY true Chinese art has been battle tested.

  9. Y todavia tienen el descaro de decir los de muay thay o tkd o karate que son mejores que el kung fu.


    KUNG FU & WING CHUN is embarrassing !

    I rather spend my time practicing MuayThai and Judo (shit that actually works !)

    Give me a good year and a half of MuayThai training and then bring me a Kung Fu master straight out of China – I would give him on of the hardest low-kick he have ever felt !

    Kung Fu / Wing Chun = FAKE CRAP !

    P.S. I LOVE CHINESE “SANDA”, its the only Chinese martial-art that is real !

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