5th Gear – Audi S5 vs BMW 335i and E92 M3.flv — 22 Comments

  1. Hey I’m sure a supermodels insides don’t look too mint condition either, but the outside sure does.

  2. It will be for a year, and then the faux luxury interior turns to shit. Go to an Audi dealer and look at their 2+ year old models and see how lousy their faux materials hold up. They’re pricey because they’re limited production, NOT because they’re actual luxury cars.

  3. In any wet weather climate, AWD will destroy any FWD or RWD car. The BMW would be worthless in rain. All your stupid drifting in the corners would be complete wipe outs in rain, making the BMW a very boring shitty drive in bad weather. My AWD car, I can floor it and it shoots off the line in an instant with zero wheel spin in pouring rain. And takes corners just as easily.

  4. Audi’s have the worst interior. The faux luxury turns to shit in less than 2 years. The fake chrome plating peels off the start and parking brake buttons, leaving the bone white plastic to shine through. And their buttons have the worst tactile feel of any supposed luxury car. The buttons feedback is very sloppy and feels like it’s going to break off if you press it wrong. Audis are high priced because of their limited production, NOT because they have real luxury, and they’re super heavy.

  5. what to say…
    all that power is just legit until the first corner.
    if a car is more expensive because it is 0.15s faster… that’s why a love audi

  6. S5 is best looking of the bunch. Still, the BMW driver can admire it in his rearview mirror!

  7. everyone has their own taste because i would think that the m3 is 100times better looking than the s5

  8. Mother of Fuck! Santa if your watching, I want that M3 for X-mas. If i don’t deserve it, take 1 of my kidneys and give it to a child in need.

  9. Which is why I watch the BBC Top Gear, it may be less informative but its more fun, entertaining, and hilarious to watch. The American Top Gear has nothing on the British one, Jezza, Capt. Slow, and the Hamster are just better, Plus, the TG Power Laps have no music, just Jezza giving periodic updates on the lap with pure engine sound.

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