Street Racing Syndicate gameplay + BOOBS!

This game is like NFS Underground 2. You also have police and the car takes damage. The main part of the game is that the more respect you have, the more gir…


Street Racing Syndicate gameplay + BOOBS! — 13 Comments

  1. i think 3DO version does have all does cars and cities but there was a problem with 3DO and they sold very few copies and people complaint about the nasty graphics of the game 

  2. Yeah, I was really disappointed because of that too. The S2000 and the Civic are two of my favorite Hondas.

  3. I still play this game, even now with my PS2 like joystick its quite easier for me to practice with the rear-wheel drive cars like the RX-7. One of the reasons why I play this game cus of the dance videos I watch whenever I start to get bored although I have it on PC so I just browse to them in the namco folder. This game was worth playing but its not that similar to NFSU2 cus there’s no cops in the game so its just pure street racing but I hate driving to races without jumping to the locations.

  4. borring ass game no cruising in phili and miami and there is no honda s2000 or civic

  5. ya seeing girls in bikini is like watching hardcore porn, if you know what I mean.

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