SI Drive / Center Diff System Demonstration – 2013 Subaru WRX STI Limited — 22 Comments

  1. Wildman113 wtf do you drive? Our “Jap” cars are better than any stupid German wiring nightmare and last way longer and are way more functional and faster than American or German cars stop being a bitch

  2. I don’t know where you learned what you think you know but it is all incorrect information, you should do some research first. I’m all for sharing knowledge and like the fact your trying to help but when you spread wrong info all you can do is harm.

  3. You need to stop whining. I have an 04 STi with a Tomei m7760, ID 1000’s and a 320lph fuel pump. I average 11mpg. The mpg on the new STi’s are “miles” ahead of the old ones.

  4. Nice DOT Matrix display in your brand new 2013 $40,000 Subaru. The japs are a joke, they got left behind in the 90’s.

  5. sport sharp surprised me the first time i tried it lol. WE GOT THE BEST COLOR SUBIE IMO

  6. Wow this video is all completely unintelligible bullshit, and I am surprised so many idiots liked the video. All the information is incorrect and what the stages of the SI drive do is incorrect. YOU ARE BETTER OFF READING THE MANUAL OR GOING ON A FORUM THEN THIS BULL.

  7. Please don’t do a video when you don’t know what you’re talking about.
    About all your technical explanations are wrong.

  8. its not a 50/50 lock and its not 20/80 ither. SI changes fuel and timeing. and throttle responce.

  9. Nice car man. But this reminds me why I chose the Evo IX. Just tell it what youre driving on and the “sportyness” is controlled with your right foot! Bawlz out all the time. Evo FTW.

  10. Probably his radar detector. Mine says something similar when I come up on a red light camera area.

  11. yup. i agree with @PupleHaz420. even though your saving the 10k if you purchase a WRX but the 5 speed transmission would not be able to handle 385hp. and in order for a WRX to achieve that much power is if you have a upgraded turbo, FMIC, upgrade some internals like forged pistons injectors, etc. and thats only for 385hp. WRX’s are nice, but its gonna cost alot more money to reach your hp goal, than if you go with an STI. just throwing my two cents in :).

  12. I’ve read the only difference between the I,s,SS mode is the throttle response (reference: MRTperformance.)

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