Megafactories – Chevrolet Camaro SS [EN] [HD]

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Megafactories – Chevrolet Camaro SS [EN] [HD] — 14 Comments

  1. American car´╗┐ factories are so dirty and ugly compared to japanese and german factories

  2. Camaro ain’t so American as you think (-_-) I can buy a Toyota Tundra that is DESIGNED in America, with parts MADE in´╗┐ America, and ASSEMBLED in America. Atleast the SS can do a decent burnout.

  3. 44:13 The woman at the end shut the door by pushing the window. It is a really´╗┐ bad habit especially on a car with frameless door design.

  4. I own 3 camaros but made in Canada what the fuck american muscle my ass´╗┐

  5. they keep talking about the v6 but showing the v8’s´╗┐ getting processed….hm.

  6. Challengers are build in canada n in mexico damn how is it an american muscle car lol´╗┐ they aint even built here

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  8. It’s good that Ford build Mustang in Detroit ! .. . where’s Camaro or Challanger factory , ha ?!? ­čÖé
    but still If you are a car-guy,´╗┐ not a gay .. you must love this Modern Muscle Wars !!!

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