Megafactories – Chevrolet Camaro SS [EN] [HD]

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Megafactories – Chevrolet Camaro SS [EN] [HD] — 14 Comments

  1. American car factories are so dirty and ugly compared to japanese and german factories

  2. Camaro ain’t so American as you think (-_-) I can buy a Toyota Tundra that is DESIGNED in America, with parts MADE in America, and ASSEMBLED in America. Atleast the SS can do a decent burnout.

  3. 44:13 The woman at the end shut the door by pushing the window. It is a really bad habit especially on a car with frameless door design.

  4. I own 3 camaros but made in Canada what the fuck american muscle my ass

  5. they keep talking about the v6 but showing the v8’s getting processed….hm.

  6. Challengers are build in canada n in mexico damn how is it an american muscle car lol they aint even built here

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  8. It’s good that Ford build Mustang in Detroit ! .. . where’s Camaro or Challanger factory , ha ?!? 🙂
    but still If you are a car-guy, not a gay .. you must love this Modern Muscle Wars !!!

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