Nurburgring 2013 BMW M3 Prototype (F80) testing on the Nordschleife

2012 video highlights from the amazing Nurburgring Nordschleife touristenfahrten, testing and track days. Featured car: 2013 BMW M3 Prototype (F80) Visit htt…


Nurburgring 2013 BMW M3 Prototype (F80) testing on the Nordschleife — 17 Comments

  1. Besides your comment (which is ok) I think the new M3 drives more sterile then before (camera sound and images are not to be compared with reality).


  2. In all honesty, I’m having a hard time hearing the characteristic Turbocharger “Whine.” It may just be my wishful thinking though.

  3. Key word” prototype” this is not the final production car. Stop crying

  4. When the car is release! I’m sure some aftermarket exhaust company will make the car sound more badass especially Innotech and Meisterschaft.

  5. Heres a better video

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  6. great footage!

    but i’m disappointed with the sound this lil bastard makes..

  7. That is for me not an M3 anymore. stupid bmw destroying a car that had history. bmw of today is so far removed from their motorsport history that they must have forgotten the original E30M3 was a 2 door!!!

  8. > ghost moto .. I said da same thing .. Sounds like a Riced out civic with that annoying exhaust . Lmao

  9. Why do BMW have to put turbo’s on this things, skip them and make a natural aspirated englen like the old Straight 6 in the BMW m3 e46

  10. Why can’t they just admit they got it right with the e46 CSL and keep improving on that, instead of making the car look and sound like all the crap that was copying them in the first place?

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