Unbelievable 200km drifting in Saudi Arabia!!! — 21 Comments

  1. maybe if u think im a faggot like u lol
    but if u need some help ill not put it between ur legs im gonna put it in ur hole
    coz im a good sniper , lol

  2. in your case if something between ur legs thats mean someone is standing very close behind you

  3. I can show you my littel muscle between my legs too if ya want ,son of a bitch 🙂

  4. don’t try these just for fashion gays do thes its not eyeze

    يقول يبي يجرب الاخ وكاتب امسك البيره بجر

  5. haha you sound like one of those who go through an identity crisis that is why you praise the outsiders identity more than your own.

  6. Someone should mention they should check with each other before hand as to what their wearing, I’d be pissed if I turned up wearing the same thing as everyone else

  7. This is the dark side of Saudi nation and every nations had .. so don’t think all of Saudis doing this douchebags.

  8. so what?
    we not talk about safety here, yes saudi drift is dangers
    but the style of drift, saudi style more better then these japanese

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