Taekwondo Women -67kg Gold Medal Final – Turkey v Korea Replay – London 2012 Olympic Games — 23 Comments

  1. if you dont attack for 10 seconds….you will automatically get a deduction 🙂

  2. i think the girl was smart enough to realize it was too late for a comeback.

  3. why aren’t they full contact and I mean by why are they wearing gear and protecters instead of bare hands and bare feet

  4. Watch again, it was her leg falling down, then sliding back of the Turkish fighters head but it was not a conscious, intended or stylish kick more like a gravity took its course as the Korean fighter was already out of balance and not in the game. In short, it was a BS kick.

  5. Turkish coach mentioned 2 things to consider for the video replay : 1. Hong (Korea) : no 3 points 2. Chung (Turkey) : 3 points. But the video replay shows that both players made 3 points each. So 3 points to Turkey also, but the video replay card was not given back to Turkey.

  6. Referees were not biased at all. Both players exchanged head kicks, but Korea’s was more definite. Turkish coach requested a video replay saying “the opponent’s kick to the head was no 3 points”, but as you can see, Korea did make a clear contact to the head and the 3 points given was valid.

  7. whrudgjs님 – 태권도를 잘 모르시면서 잘못된 댓글을 달지 맙시다. 저 경고는 선수가 코치한테 손짓을 했기 때문이에요. 머리득점이 확실한데 점수가 안 올라가서 코치한테 손짓하며 비디오 판독 요청해달라고 했기 때문에 받은 경고입니다. 비디오 판독요청은 코치만 할 수 있는데 코치가 순간 상황을 놓칠 수 있기 때문에 선수가 저렇게 하게 되는 경우가 있는 거죠. 저건 비록 경고를 받았지만 아주 현명한 대처였다고 생각합니다.

  8. They sure did fudge up the scoring at the beginning. Referees were a bit biased to say the least.

  9. you rush in with desperation to gain back a deficit and you usually end up getting scored on even more.

  10. never mind its south i don’t know why everyone was chanting north

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