Pencak-Silat Indonesia Expedition in Japan.mp4 — 20 Comments

  1. kontol silat froom malay ….
    hass indonesia …
    bukn malaysia setan ….

  2. wahhh,, ikutan ahh muantappp euyyy ga gampang itu belajrnya,, bagus pokonamah

  3. Iko born in 1983, Not to forget Kalam of Silat Penjurit (1986) from Malaysia to combine fight scenes with Tony Jaa (1976). Otherwise let oldies kung fu Donnie Yen (1963) fight silat Malay megat ainuddin (1961) Malaysia too or ninja Hiroyuki Sanada ( 1960) altogether Jean Claude Van Damme (1960) Tom Cruise (1962), Brad Pitt (1963) Jet Li (1963 ) t00 in these aweSomehandSome guys for JV world martial arts movie! Say wat Keenu Reeves (1964)? Fight! Wishing too Brandon Lee (1965) wuz around…

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