Range Rover v Porsche Cayenne drag racing off road – — 25 Comments


  2. I own both cars, and I can tell u that there is more space in the range rover for off road dogging in the back.

  3. Pathetic test!!! Anyway Rangerover its not an english car only indian – TATA group!!! If not them and BMW the manufacture would be dead long time ago!!! I dont like how new model look. I would prefer old one and only sport version… 🙂

  4. Ihr kennts doch nicht auto fahr
    Am schluss dieser test is fürn arsch
    1 Porsche muss in die fahrillen starten
    2 der rover fahr eher den berg runter alls rauf
    3 müssten die bedingungen für beide fahrzeuge gleich sein

  5. This is the only way to do it fairly. Throw the same tires on both cars and retest!

  6. Cayenne is probably on summer performance tires (it’s a Turbo model) and the RR is probably on all season tires. Hardly a fair test. Good job, Brits.

  7. They would of turned diff lock on else it wouldn’t of even moved at all, and both cars ore on stock tyres (what they’re on out the factory) and im the Porsche wouldn’t of got up the hill any better than the range rover purely because Porsche hasn’t got and heritage in off-roading

  8. Тупой британский скунс. ты это называешь бездорожьем?

  9. cayenne is good off road too, but not good as range rover..that is the difference

  10. thats not offroad tyres.. that was all terrain tyres.. stock tyres of RR.. all running stock

  11. to me…this test is useless in this case. Porsche Cayenne, MB M-Class, MB GL, BMW X5, BMW X6, Audi Q7, Audi Q5 are not made for offroad. The only german offroad car is the Mercedes-Benz G-class.

  12. I`m sorry, but this is a realy stupid test.
    Just put a decent set of real of road tires on both of them and they will climb this ridiculous hill effortless.

  13. say what you want but rolls royce, bentley, land rover and jaguar will always be considered british whoever buys it over. if you’re having a laugh if you think that buying a range is considered an ‘indian’ car.

  14. why use our money when we can use others hahaha very funny ain’t we

  15. No off road tyres here my friend, they all come with road tyres. look at the tread I know I build them. If it had off road tyres on it would of got up the hill quicker with the added grip. Plus, if off road tyres where used the tyre would have a larger side wall and chunky tread pattern and wouldn’t fit on the alloy rims.

  16. and what about tires? I don’t like that test its unfair for me . worthless test .

  17. the porches brakes wear on at the last test u can clrearly se the front tires brake wit nothing in the way no 4by4 would not move in allmost flat land

  18. that is because range rover has brians and they make it so they come with off road tires

  19. hahaha, funny british…Roll Royce is now owned by BMW, Bentley is owned by VW, Range Rover and Jaguar are merged by indians…so what do you guys have now??? Oh, I forget Aston Martin. It’s just a bit slow

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