Live Unveiling of the 2014 Camaro | Chevy Camaro | Chevrolet

Watch the live unveiling of the performance-enhanced 2014 Camaro at the New York International Auto Show beginning at 12:45 ET on Wednesday, March 27, 2013. …


Live Unveiling of the 2014 Camaro | Chevy Camaro | Chevrolet — 23 Comments

  1. its a gm show they can show the duramax if they wanted to. they are just explaining all the cars they made for 2014.

  2. no bmw costs so much cuz of the name. its like comparing lucky charms to great value version. you get what you pay for.

  3. your comparing a 5.8 liter to a 7 liter corvette engine. the 2013 gt500 could easily have more hp put in it.

  4. The rear does not look that good… Its pretty ugly… It could have been a lot better

  5. GT500 has 15boost butan go 30 boost double atmosphere in motor and goes 1000hp using only a $40 pulley swap
    GT500=EPIC 1337 WIN!
    ZLowl1 =pusst weak sloppy family sedan frame, need torquebar, stolen from Holden, Australia, uses a motor design stolen bfrom Ford
    GT500 pwns crapmaro on many track with more than 3 laps races
    They rebuild GT500, my friend has a 2007 GT500, he rebuilt the motor and will beat u in ur crapmaro

  6. 2013 GT500 = 15psi boost = 11.6L
    14.7psi doubles atmosphere, doubles Displacement & horsepower

    Z28 stomps GT500 with 11.6liters
    while GT500 engine is bored to the max & can;t be rebuilt, won;t last long on 15psi boost either

    ZL1 with 7psi changes 6.2L equivalent to 8.68L

  7. please please please please!!!!!! make a bumblebee edition for 2013! or 14!

  8. Yano people say how the camaro is ugly and I have always been a gm guy owning a 1968 z28 and a 1990 iroc z, and I agree I liked the looks of the new mustang and the performance of it over the new camaro, but that one is just sexy and seems like it will have the performance to match. It’s just too bad that it will probably cost close to 40-50k

  9. Why would u take the speakers out of the z28 ;(((( I love LISTINING to music in that bad boy

  10. wow nice job Chevy, America is proud to say your an American car company.

  11. It’s good that Chevrolet is bringing the Z28 back,it’s one of the most iconic American cars ever

  12. and the SS is going to fail. Its target audience will not want a gas guzzling v8 at the same price of 5 series BMW’s. Americans by for status and no chevy (with the exception of the vette) offers the same kind of status that a BMW does (not a BMW fan). 45k for an american car with far less features than a BMW? there is a reason why the G8 failed and killed pontiac

  13. And still they have yet to address the visibility and paint chipping issues. sorry but my next car might end up being the 2015 mustang.

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