2013 Porsche Boxster S: Focused on Fun – Ignition Episode 49

On this episode of Ignition, Carlos Lago tests the new Porsche Boxster S. Sporting a new electric steering system and a wider track than before, Carlos puts …


2013 Porsche Boxster S: Focused on Fun – Ignition Episode 49 — 21 Comments

  1. It makes sense. I’m sure BMW can make its M3 go faster than its M5, but that wouldn’t be right, so they don’t do it.

  2. I feel like if Porsche wanted to, they could make both the boxster, and the cayman faster than the 911. nothing against the 911, but I think they are slightly holding the other two back

  3. Driving my ex-e90 328i a little quickly around a few corners and I get a smirk on my face + a little bit of a rush of excitement. Lol I’m so easy to please that driving my brother’s Z4 35i around town gave me a smile! I really want a Boxster S, I wonder how big my smile will be when I cruise up in some mountain with my dog

  4. most car reviewers state that the new m3`s and m5`s are not as fun(good) as the ones from previous years

  5. I used to like muscle cars. Then I grew up and realized that a great sports car should be able to do more than go fast in a straight line. I’m on my 2nd Boxster S and it’s the most enjoyable, practical, reliable sports car under 100 grand, period. I do SCCA and have had the opportunity to drive a huge variety of cars. The only car that’s more fun on a track is an Elise, but it would be a miserable car to live with on the road.

  6. Speaking of AK47s, Jeremy Clarkson did a ‘test’ with the last gen Boxster having the military elite try to drill shoot the car in an abandoned town, along with the MB SLK55 AMG. And it did better.

  7. ahahh they’re cool cars, but manly is probably the last word i would use to describe an SLK

  8. LOL, I paid $7,000 for a 2000. I wish I had $70,000 to plunk down on a brand new one! mine is black with a 6 speed. it may not be the latest and greatest, but it’s still fun as hell to drive!!

  9. Lol so I just built a Porsche on their website with the most expensive options/paint available. Turns out you can spend over 125k on a new boxster s…

    70k sounds good the most someone should spend I think is around 80k. What color and options did you get?

  10. If you really want to enjoy the joy of driving a great car I’d go with the boxster. Unfortunately that’s the way most cars work. You have to spend way over the base price to make it great. In my opinion, I would pick the boxster every time, hands down. Adding options really makes it yours and reaches its full potential. Plus it offers performance you can really use on an everyday basis. Then when you go to a track you just love it more. There’s a reason Porsche’s are the most common track cars.

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